What Is A Unicorn in the swinger lifestyle?

A unicorn in the swinger lifestyle is a single female. Just as the mystical creature, the unicorn, is difficult to find, so is a single female in the swinger lifestyle. You may be asking, why would a single woman want to be in the lifestyle? And the answer is, there are many amazing reasons why a single woman would want to join this adventurous lifestyle!

The Mystical Unicorn

A common misconception people have about the swinger lifestyle is that only couples can engage in the lifestyle. While most of the active members are part of stable relationships, it is possible to find both single females and males in the lifestyle.

It’s sporadic to find single people in the swinger community, especially if they’re women. That’s why they’re called unicorns, and the experience with one of them is just as magical as the word implies. You will find couples that enjoy having threesomes, and there are those wives that are bi-curious/bisexual and love to bring a woman into the bedroom.

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Threesomes are an excellent alternative to the soft or full couple swaps, and they can be just as exciting. However, be aware that having a threesome can be complicated, especially if you’re a first-timer. Dealing with three different preferences is complicated, but most of the time, finding a way everyone feels comfortable becomes easy as time passes.

Having a Threesome with a Unicorn

Many men and woman fantasize about having sex with another woman, and it is very possible that it’s probably crossed your mind at some point. If both members of a couple agree to bring a woman into the bedroom, then it is important to be sure to you discuss specific desires and wants before engaging with another woman. Set some boundaries and rules for the bedroom before it gets too steamy. Be sure you know exactly what you two are comfortable with to refrain from any awkward or upsetting instances occur. Remember this is an experience you both want to enjoy and look forward to for future experiences.

Many swinger couples prefer engaging in sexual activities with other women instead of couples.
Also, not all unicorns in the community have the same wishes or will agree to have a threesome with you, just like it happens with couples. There are different types of threesomes, depending on what you want and will do in bed. These can be named as:

  • FFM (Female, Female, Male): These threesomes involve bisexual activities between the females and the male can play with both females. It’s very sexy and playful!
  • MFM (Male, Female, Male): This threesome involves two males and one female. The male is often the lead and is usually involved with the “hotwife” fantasy, where a husband watches his hot wife get pleasured by the other male. This type of swinging is also referred to as “cuckold or cuckolding”. The term cuckold is a husband that allows his hot wife to choose who she has sex with while he stays loyal. The man that pleases the woman is called a Cuckold Bull or a Swinger Bull.

Swinging involves having an open mind, but some women prefer not to engage in bisexual action. That’s completely acceptable, and no one should be pressured to do something they don’t want to.

Useful advice for single ladies that want to become unicorns

If you’re a single woman and are curious about the swinger lifestyle, then you have come to the right place. Most people don’t dare to explore their sexuality more profoundly, but you’ve already taken the first step into a world full of excitement and pleasure. Please find the following advice to become a unicorn:

  • Becoming a unicorn can be a difficult decision as you are getting involved with married couples. For bi-sexual single women, this can be a new and exciting experience. Once you are confident this is something you would like to become involved with, it is best to create a free profile on a swinger dating site.
  • Unicorns have a high demand, which means that once you join the lifestyle, you will get many requests because many couples are trying to find unicorns in the swinging community. Some women may find this overwhelming at first, but very satisfying once you
  • Make sure you’re engaging in a threesome with a stable and healthy couple. They will not share too many details about their relationship with you, but you need to make sure they’re not using you as a sex toy. Make sure to establish your limits, and to respect the rules of the couple as well.
  • Make sure to be very specific about what you’re looking for. That way, you’re going to become involved with or be expected to do something you’re not comfortable with. And remember not everyone will be willing to be involved with you and that’s okay.
  • If you prefer direct real-life action instead of setting up online profiles, you can start looking for swinging events near your area or attending swinger clubs and parties. Unicorns are very welcome in the community, and you will enjoy many privileges.
  • If you attend swinger clubs or parties, make sure you take the first step instead of waiting for couples to approach you. Most of the time, they will think your partner is somewhere else, like the bathroom, and won’t talk to you. Most swingers assume couples only frequent these events, but it is not like that all the time.
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Where to Find Unicorns

If you are a couple trying to find a unicorn to have a threesome with, then the process to find one is the same you would do while looking for another couple. This time, the search will be more specific, but it won’t be as hard as you think (unless you want to look for them in person, that can be very challenging).

Some places to find swinger couples:

  1. Swinger Dating sites (SDC.com, SLS.com, Kasidie.com)
  2. Social Media, like Twitter, Facebook or dating sites and apps
  3. Swinger clubs, parties, and events. If you find a woman sitting alone, they’re likely single because, in swinger events, couples are together almost always. Ensure you’re polite to the lady and don’t set your expectations too high during the encounter. Let the experience happen and be surprised by the outcome, whether it’s good or bad

Also, make sure everyone is comfortable to ensure a great time. Try not to be a “pillow princess” and get actively involved. Make sure no one is left out of the fun and let the couple know you are enjoying yourself.
A piece of good advice is to let the female part of the relationship be the lead during the first encounter. Many unicorns out there are bisexual, and often show more interest if the ladies spend some sexy time together.

Also, please consider:

  • This is strictly about sex. Don’t get emotionally involved. Remember, “No strings attached” is one of the main rules of the swinger lifestyle.
  • Be as respectful as possible.
  • Don’t force anyone to do anything they don’t want to. No means no.
  • Unicorns enjoy many privileges, but they are not given free rein when engaging with other couples. They are people just like everyone else and have the same rights as you do.
  • To avoid any drama happening, make sure both parties of the couple are comfortable and explain their boundaries/rules. You must also express what is important to you, remember safety first!


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