The Ultimate Have-Your-Cake-And-Eat-It-Too Lifestyle

Discover How You And Your Partner Can Indulge in Threesomes, Foursomes and Moresomes AND Create a Thriving Relationship at The Same Time!

Discover the Secrets to Experiencing Your Wildest Sexual Fantasies While Increasing Your Partners Attraction To YOU!

WARNING: This material may blow your current ideas about relationships out of the water. Be prepared to create your own rules. Live and love YOUR way and have lots of sexy fun at the same time!

Everything with integrity. No cheating necessary.

keys in a bowl_smIf you are becoming curious about what it would be like to experience multiple partners, threesomes or moresomes but don’t know how to convince your partner to play with you or you’re worried what they might think or say…STOP! You might be about to make the biggest mistake of your life. If you don’t get this part right or worse, you don’t tell them how you feel and go ahead and cheat, you could destroy you relationship.

Being in a committed relationship but sharing your sex life with others = Swinging!  And before you freak out, no, there are no keys in a bowl and the lifestyle is not full of big, fat, hairy and ugly people… That’s so 3 decades ago.

Do you want to know what it’s like?  Remember the amount of sex you had in the honeymoon phase of your relationship? Imagine another honeymoon phase, one which goes on for years…  Seriously, we’ve been in the swinging lifestyle since 2006 and we’re still told we act like newlyweds!

We’re more in love now than we’ve ever been and our sex life has done nothing but benefit exponentially from it!

passion_smIf you love your partner but also long for times where you can (with permission) indulge in “those” feelings, then you haven’t landed here by accident!

You know the feelings I’m talking about, those ones which ignite when you meet someone that drives you wild! They radiate from the pit of your stomach, your groin area gets a rush of sensations with just one cheeky look from them or a whiff of their scent, it creates an insatiable desire to pull them into you, kiss them passionately and wildly explore each others delicious naked bodies with your hand and your tongues…

If that sounds like you then you’re in the right place and you are definitely not alone! Even I need a moment after that!

Swinging is the relationship option with the deepest integrity but also the most sensual and sexual fun a couple can indulge in together. Honestly, it’s the wildest adventure your relationship is ever likely to go on and it’s no rumour! I have to admit though, it took a while to for us to get it right.

Confession: It was me who suggested the idea of a more open relationship…

It was after a week where I was away in another city participating in a personal development workshop. When you’re sharing your thoughts and feelings and allowing yourself to be vulnerable, it’s easy to connect and then be attracted to people who are in it with you, but I was married and to do anything about it would have been wrong, right?

I was very attracted to this gorgeous guy and much to my surprise, I ended up back at his place on the last night with a bottle of wine.  It was hard not to feel excited when I realised the sexual attraction was definitely there on both sides.  I was feeling very “Grrrr”… You know that feeling, the one where your body is practically aching for them to touch you, to feel their warm, moist lips pressed against yours as you kiss urgently and passionately, and have their warm, naked skin pressed hard up against your body… *breathes* Sorry, got lost there for a moment!

I desperately wanted to strip naked and get lost in a night of wild passion with him but there was a part of me, a part which reminded me of how important my husband and our relationship was, and I definitely didn’t want to do anything which would ruin it so I was open and honest with this hunk-of-a-man sitting in front of me.  I said I would love to let go and indulge but my highest values were honesty and integrity so I couldn’t…

The experience was the trigger for me though, to see if I could find a way to indulge in wild passionate moments when the opportunity presented, but to also keep my awesome relationship… I wanted to have my cake and eat it too!  So I decided to talk to my husband when I got home about being giving each other the freedom to enjoy sex with other people.

Ever felt that knot of dread in your tummy when you’re about to do something you know you should do, but really don’t want to?  That’s how I felt… I really wanted him to say yes but was terrified he might say no, and if he said no, what would I do if I was faced with the same situation again?

I was scared he would feel betrayed or hurt, or even worse, he might question how much I really loved him.

When I presented the idea to him and did my best to address all of his fears up front, he, after a very long conversation,  said “ok” with more discussions to be had.  It was a somewhat reluctant ok but I was going to take it as a green light anyway.  Through more discussions around boundaries and comfort levels, what we needed before and after any interlude, we fumbled our way through the beginning stages and found our feet along the way.

When I was first thinking about opening up our relationship, I was filled with a mixture of feelings.  I was totally excited and tingly in all the right places at the thought of being able to flirt, kiss and have sex with someone new, at the same time I was worried as I know some of you are right now…

Do ANY of These Sound Familiar?
  • WHAT IF my partner falls in love with someone else and leaves me?
  • WHAT IF I fall in love with someone else and leave him?  The thought of hurting him worried me more…
  • WHAT IF swinging ruins our awesome relationship, the best one I’ve ever been in.  Is it worth the risk?
  • WHAT IF we don’t do this and I cheat on my partner because my attraction to someone else overwhelms me in a moment of weakness?
  • WHAT IF I’m no good in bed or not good looking enough to attract sexy playmates?
We both had the same fears. The decision wasn’t easy. We thought, “Do we risk it?”  We decided to and we haven’t looked back!

couple with wallSwinging is easy to get right but easier easy to get wrong as it magnifies everything the relationship, the good and bad… In the time we’ve been swinging, we’ve seen couples whose relationships have either thrived or disintegrated once they started because they weren’t prepared, and they didn’t know how to deal with the extra complexities swinging brings.

It can be a dangerous transition if you or your partner are unprepared. If your relationship is not ready for the high level of maturity required for swinging to enhance your relationship on EVERY level, it could just as easily destroy it and I’m pretty sure you don’t want that. I sure didn’t!

I’d say we were lucky, but came to realise luck had nothing to do with it…

We sailed through the ups and downs easier than most because of my professional training as a Relationship Coach.

I had the tools others didn’t…

My first marriage failed, but when I met my current husband I knew this relationship was far too important to me… I was prompted me to make sure I did everything possible to make sure I didn’t fail again.

Reading book after book, doing course after course, I learned how to create a thriving relationship with a sizzling sex-life before we even started swinging. As a result, I was able to navigate us through the ups and downs during our transition from ‘vanilla to swinger’.

When we first started swinging, we got more than we expected…

We were just looking for a little adventure, fun and excitement in our sex life. What we got were turbo-boosted libidos, sizzling conversations, and a fulfilling and highly passionate sex life even when it was just the two of us. We grew a stronger bond, a deeper connection, and our lust for life bloomed in a big way. Who knew swinging would give us all of that and then some?

I couldn’t work out why noone ever told us our relationship could gain so much from swinging!

Our level of trust, security, love for each other and our ability to be honest with each other went through the roof because of swinging, and we thought we had high levels of it before!

This revelation led me to write ‘The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples’. It was Swinging 101 in book form.

I was determined to help couples learn from our journey:  The parts we got right and also from the mistakes we made or saw others make…

It’s been seven years of powerful, life-changing experiences and professional training… and now I’ve created the most COMPREHENSIVE online program focused on creating ROCK SOLID swinging relationships.

The Most COMPREHENSIVE Swinger 101 Relationship-Focused Program available!
  • 24+ Videos, plus MP3s and transcripts of all videos
  • Being the first one to suggest the idea; Broaching the Topic of Swinging with Your Partner
  • A Couples Agreement to create a safe space, encouraging raw honesty and openness to ALL discussions
  • A Relationship Readiness Assessment to assess if you are really ready to open up your sex-life
  • The 5 Foundations to Creating a Rock Solid Relationship to guarantee your partner stays totally in love with you
  • The Number 1 Attraction Factor which skyrockets your partners attraction to YOU
  • Discussion Guides; conversations you need to have to keep your connection with your partner thriving and magnetic
  • Communication Strategies to minimise misunderstandings and potential conflict
  • A Boundaries Template so there are no accidental “Oops, I didn’t think that was a boundary” moments
  • The Number 1 Boundary Expansion MUST HAVE which also boosts your connection
  • An Ideal Playmate Template so you know exactly who you both want to invite into your bedroom
  • An Insider View of what it is really like and what is available to you in the playground so you can create your “Fuckit” list
  • A Slut Conversion Process to help women get past the “slut” barrier
  • Strategies for Dealing with Negative Emotions when they come up, particularly the first time you play
  • Understanding Jealousy and how to deal with it
  • Emotional Connections with playmates, good, bad and how to manage them
  • How to Protect Yourselves from STD/STI’s
  • How to use swinging to Explore your Sexuality or same-sex play
  • How to Strengthen Trust, rebuild it and recover from mistakes, because they happen
  • The Warning Signs of when to take a break from swinging before it’s too late
  • Swinging as a Parent and how to manage fun with responsibilities

So you want to be in a committed relationship and have sex with other people, it’s not your fault and there is nothing wrong with you…

In my opinion it’s completely natural but some other people say these feelings are bad, wrong and mean you aren’t truly committed to your partner. I worried about all of that in the beginning, but I worked out, it’s all BS!

Much of it comes from religion (various forms of it) and programming which has been passed down and has done more damage than good. Think about it, how many relationships are destroyed through infidelity/cheating/affairs? Society will talk about those over swinging but which one is actually done with integrity?

I am completely in love with my husband and I am still attracted to other people, as are millions of others. It just means we’re human!

I’ll try not to get on my soapbox but if we were truly meant to be monogamous, we’d have married the first person we had a relationship with and would never be attracted to anyone else… Ever! While that may be true for a small percentage of the population, the majority fall in love or enter many relationships.

Why do we continually try to force ourselves to live in a relationship box which is against our nature? Because we’ve been told that’s what’s “normal” or “that’s what being in a relationship means”.

Those who go force themselves to do and be a person which is against their nature, end up being miserable or end up doing what is more socially acceptable because they didn’t know another way existed. I know quite a few people who have tried to be in a monogamous relationship with all it’s boundaries and rules, then ended up cheating because they never dared to explore opening up their relationship, OR their partner shut down the idea, leaving them no other options to fulfil their innate desire which eventually got too strong to hold back anymore.

Swinging means not fighting against our non-monogamous nature, but embracing it and still being committed so we can love more deeply and enjoy passionate, sexy, lust filled encounters which ignite our thirst for more! It’s the ultimate freedom with your partner in crime by your side!
“Chantelle’s course is truly amazing; it opened my eyes to many things and gave me an in-depth knowledge, a real insight into the way things work. I feel much more confident in myself in an excited liberated way. This is what I call quality and value. She candidly tells us how it is, prepared me to handle any possible challenges, gave me a true understanding of all the possible scenarios and actually guided me successfully through the many different strategies in convincing my partner to explore and expand on our fruitful sexual prowess.”
Rachael Carder

This is the equivalent of a full 2-day seminar.  How much would it usually cost to spend that much time with, and learn from, a trusted authority?
Use this program to ensure your relationship is so rock solid that swinging just turns up the juiciness and richness in it!  And here are some other inclusions to make sure it does…

Bonus 1

How to Get the Most out of the Swinging Lifestyle!  A 5-part video course including:  Getting involved, online strategies and templates, meeting strategies, handy tips, the do’s and don’ts, which were not covered in Swinger Lifestyle 101!

Valued $297

Bonus 2:

How To Increase Your Sexual Self-Confidence!  A 3-part video course full of tips & techniques to make you a SEX GOD/DESS in bed (or wherever)! WOW your future playmates and intensify your orgasmic pleasure with each other!

Value $197
Bonus 3

The Essential Guide for Adventurous Couples Who want to Explore 3somes, 4somes & MOREsomes!  In PDF format. A 200+ page ‘Swinging 101’ manual which is the most comprehensive Swinging How-To available, for those who prefer to read!

Value $29.95

Learn everything in the privacy of your own space, at your own pace!

Let me make this even easier for you…

Our 30 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don’t learn anything which prepares you to open up your sex life, prepares your relationship to roll with the ups and downs of the transition from vanilla to swinger, and the content you feel is missing is not added, then I’ll absolutely give you your money back!

I honestly don’t want you to have something which isn’t full of value for your investment!

To make sure you get the MOST out this program:

Once you are inside, you have a feedback system to inform me of any content which you feel should be included so I can add it!  It is SUPER important to me that you gain the most value and are the most prepared to swing as a result of doing this course so I’ve made a point to include this feature.

You have lifetime access to the content, which includes any future content I create or update as the program evolves!

There are lots of websites out there sharing information about getting into swinging but less on how to prepare your relationship, or how to use the lifestyle to strengthen your relationship.

Most information on this topic is shared by people who only have personal experience in the lifestyle. In this course I share my personal experience AND professional expertise.

CoachProfileI see it all the time.  People go into the lifestyle unprepared and their relationship not ready, then they come to me for coaching to help them get over the emotional fall-out.  My minimum package is 5 hours for $1000 and many other coaching and psychologist professionals charge that and then some.

The sad part is, had they been prepared or able to assess their relationship as not being ready, they could have done less work to become rock solid than to fix the damage done by going in prematurely.

I created this course so you don’t need $1000 worth of mentoring to learn the basics, $2000 of coaching to recover from any emotional fall-out, or $2997 to spend 2 days in a seminar with me to learn what’s included here….

Everyone makes mistakes or bad decisions at some point! This course will help prevent them and also help you recover a hell of a lot quicker with a whole lot less pain and less financial cost…

Can you afford the cost of therapy, a separation or divorce?

So, how much is it?

A Single Investment of $447
Or 2 Payments of $247!
Just Three Payments of $97!
For the cost of annual access to a dating site, learn How to Maximize the Fun AND Enhance Your Relationship plus Turbo Boost Your Sex-life!

Your credit card statement will show “CAUSTIN” for Chantelle Austin International and not anything swinger or sex related, just in case you were worried about who would see what you’ve purchased…

With a money back guarantee PLUS a system to have any missing content added!
What are you waiting for?

PS:  I know you’ve skipped down here to see what else I’d say, so hi!

PPS:  If I can be so honest, I don’t know if you’re going to like or love what I’ve created in this program, all I can tell you is; I have poured my heart and soul into creating it for you because I don’t want to see any other relationships crumble by stumbling into this lifestyle unprepared…

PPPS:  That said, we have had the MOST sexually stimulating times in the swinger lifestyle, and I think everyone should get to have this much FUN and WILD times with their partner!  So, joining me today?

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